Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Worms are Tempting Me

I don't like Halloween, and we never participated in the "festivities" with our kids, but we do usually give out candy if we are home. I hate spending the money for it, too! When I was a trick-or-treating child, many people would give us homemade cookies or candy. I know that's not cool these days.

I think the uncoolness started with evil people giving poisoned cookies, or was it an urban myth? You'd think that would discourage parents from sending kids out, period, but it just means that the homey treats will be thrown out.

Children who carry around pillowcases full of sugary junk can afford to turn up their noses at a mere cookie. BUT I doubt they would find this treat cooked up by Macheesmo boring. I am sorely tempted to get more into the icky Halloween spirit just so I can make them.


Anita said...

I hate Halloween, too. But I have 5 grandsons and we will all be together for Christmas. How much fun will they have with a bowl of worms. This does look like a fun recipe.

Gumbo Lily said...

After reading the instructions for the worms, I'm worn out. I'd rather buy gummie worms and throw them into some crunched up Oreo crumbs. But that's me.

Jody (who likes Halloween)

Gretchen Joanna said...

Jody, your idea pleases me. I would not really ever take the time to make something like this. I already have a thousand prettier ideas I'll never get to. But crushing the Oreos--I could do that.