Saturday, October 3, 2009

Winter's A-Comin'

When winter is in the air, what is the important thing to do? Lay in a supply of firewood.

We live in a drafty house, but thank God, we have a good wood stove and we don't have many days that wood burning is banned. Last year I broke the law (isn't it unconstitutional anyway?) a couple of times when I really needed that cheery fire to make the "barn" a hospitable place. We are on the fringes of the area where wood smoke is a problem, so I like to think it doesn't actually apply to us.

Yesterday we got a big load of fuel delivered, and P. was around to help carry and stack.

When we do get temperatures that make us turn on the furnace, my chore time will shift from gardening to fire-tending. It's my job to build the fires and keep them burning. And if I don't, my phlegmatic self becomes more so, and the urge to climb in bed with a book just to warm the bones presses on my mind.

B. found one log that was particularly curvy and pretty.

Ahh...the look of Providence, and wealth, and warmth.


Rose said...

We don't have a wood stove, but we do have a pellet stove, which is a semi-acceptable alternative. We just started using it again a couple days ago. I guess the season has officially turned.

Gumbo Lily said...

This is one thing we've not yet done....and we need to cut some wood. We have a furnace, but we love the feeling of a wood fire burning. That's a nice looking wood pile.


Pom Pom said...

Well, I just love that big pile of wood and I love the thought of you tending the stove! The dry warmth the wood stove gives off is so sufficient. Do you put a pot of something on top, to "smell good" the air? We just have a fireplace now, but last year we had some beautiful little fires. Our wood from last year will do for one more season. Wealth and warmth, indeed!

Anonymous said...

A nice woodpile is such a welcome sight! We had a cord of wood delivered recently and it will be such a blessing as the days grow colder! We have already enjoyed a couple of cozy fires! Enjoy!


Marfa said...

What a beautiful log...we have been doing the same thing here! Rob just bought a log-splitter and picked up a trailer load of wood yesterday!!!