Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October Flora

Swiss chard is the most beautiful thing in my garden right now. I did make a tart using it, but the recipe needs work. You can see how crumbly it was, with currants and walnuts falling around.

Also I cooked it too hot, forgetting to reduce the heat, so the crust got too brown. But it was yummy.

I don't seem to have the flowers that bloom this time of year, but that's not because they aren't prolific in some places around here. Like the church garden, where I couldn't take pictures this week because my camera is not working. I found this hollyhock from last October in my files, so I could show something in the light-and-bright category, and leave my last post behind in its Oreo dirt.


DebD said...

our parish garden is also quite beautiful. Something I could never duplicate at home.

I've never cooked swiss chard before, but your tart looks yummy.

Pom Pom said...

Swiss chard is PRETTY! I hope your camera is fixed soon! xo