Saturday, September 5, 2009

Not Spot or Ocelot

I've written about Spot before, here and here. As I was stalling on what to call her, B. decided on Ocelot. A few days later she arrived wearing a collar with the name CASSIE on it, and her address, just a few doors down the street, at a house belonging to a very responsible family I have met. So, she doesn't need a home! She is like a kid in the neighborhood (maybe an only child?) who likes to roam around and hang out at other people's houses, eating their food and breaking their rules.

In fact, when we were still feeling more compassion for her, she went into the depths of our abode, on a high shelf in a closet, and knocked boxes and clothes into a heap on the floor. That is definitely a no-no.

But she never cared about or for us; we knew it by her growls. She likes Gus. Now I'm less welcoming to her, but I still like to call her Ocelot. And she is an independent girl; yesterday she arrived without a collar again.


Pom Pom said...

She's so beautiful and NAUGHTY! I think it's funny that cats will go into neighbors' houses!

Jeannette said...

I am glad that the mystery is solved, impossible tender attachments averted and your closest are once again safe save maybe from moths. But thank you for sharing this beautiful face. Smarty Cat...