Sunday, September 27, 2009

Trying to Be Present

Sundays usually feel transitional, but they don't always strike me the same way. If the upcoming Monday is free of outside obligations, Sunday can feel restful all day, as I know that I can organize myself and accomplish quite a bit of work the next day, and get the week off right (although I know Sunday is the first day of the week, my mental calendar doesn't show it in that position.)

This week's Lord's Day falls in the middle of a season that is transitional as well. I'm just through a very busy time, and waiting for a Big Event, the birth of a new grandchild. It's a chance to catch up on little bits of work that no one is holding a deadline over my head about. Such as that slow de-cluttering I have a backlog of. This afternoon is providing some time for sifting. Much of the stuff is linked to my past, and I have to dispose of many things in the future--maybe the very near future, like tomorrow?

To remind me to enjoy this work, and to say hello, I give you another of Richard Wilbur's Opposites, #19:

Because what’s present doesn’t last,

The opposite of it is past.

Or if you choose to look ahead,

Future’s the opposite instead.

Or look around to see what’s here,

And absent things will not appear.

There’s one more opposite of present

That’s really almost too unpleasant:

It is when someone takes away

Something with which you like to play.

If I start to think about all the playing with words he does here, I begin to see that I could enter into two opposites of present at the same time by being discontent: miss the present moment, which is also taking away from myself, and thereby missing the gift/present God wants to give me.

And I don't want to miss it, so, "Hi ho, hi ho, It's back to work I go!"

Christ is Risen!


Pom Pom said...

He is risen indeed!
Yahoo for the new grandchild! Can't wait to hear and see pictures!

DebD said...

looking forward to hearing the happy news about your grandchild. I love the poem, it is a bit like a puzzle.