Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I prefer to call "it" Spot, because Bengal Boy assumes too much. This gorgeous animal has been hanging out in our yard nearly every day, and tries to get Gus to play with him/her. It stole one cat toy already and nearly got away with a second.

What parents of such an expensive and exotic creature would let it roam the neighborhood? Is she really homeless? Is he just lonely? I'm halfway hoping our foster-parenting might lead to outright adoption. But for now, we just admire the beauty.


Gigi said...

Oh my -- isn't he a beauty!? All of the many cats we've had over the years, have found us rather than the other way round. Maybe this little guy has found you? You're so kind to welcome him!
Blessings to you,

Jeannette said...

Only Half way hoping? What beautiful eyes. It's hard to know when cats are homeless or just visiting from a home that would miss them terribly. Independent little critters.

amy said...

What a beauty!! Thanks for sharing him with us =-)

Pom Pom said...

What a cutie! I think she likes you!

Gumbo Lily said...

Just popping by to see what you're all about, Gretchen Joanna. I'm enjoying my visit here.


Deborah said...

Oh wow! Spot is beautiful! Enjoy being foster parents your never know what it may lead to :0)!