Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Too Many Big Books

Returning books to the library unread always gives me a feeling of sadness. I hated to send these back without a farewell, and perhaps an honorable mention here by way of a photo. They didn't go completely neglected, either--I skimmed and read bits here and there.

When I had put several volumes on hold during snatches of time away from my couch last month I didn't take the time to notice how many pages were there waiting to be tackled. Today when I hauled them from the car to the deposit slot my elbow nearly popped out of its socket from the weight.

But I did keep one by Coetzee, one on Hawaii, and one on Africa, with hopes of reading on a retreat this month. And now that I can gaze long at food blogs again I don't need a whole book on risotto, do I? The top two items are sets of tapes I thought we might listen to in the car on trips, but that didn't happen.

There are many thoughts stewing, to be written about the books I actually did read during that intensive period. But this nearly empty communication is far easier to accomplish.


Pom Pom said...

I take books back unread, too. Are you going to Hawaii? Mmmmmmm. I wish we were. I love it so.
I love it "time away from my couch"!
Have you seen the Julia Child movie yet? I really want to see it - it sounds WONDERFUL (speaking of food blogs and all things cookery!)

Gretchen Joanna said...

I'm not going to Hawaii that I know of, but reading historical fiction about the islands made me want to know more. And I haven't seen the Julia movie yet either--but I want to!