Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Holy Tuesday Flowers

Over a year ago I had to give up gardening at church. That branch of my life had to be pruned out so that other things had room to grow. But I miss the contact with the earth and growing things on the big property, and all the assortment of flora, some of them my own plantings and most of them friends in whom I've invested time and attention. So after Bridegroom Matins this morning I lingered and took some pictures while the light was still gentle.


native iris

The service and the flowers were certainly the highlight of my day. After that, I had planned to spend time working in my own garden, but instead, grueling computer confusion demanded all of the patience and peace I could find.

I never stepped outside again until evening when Mr. Glad and I took a slow walk. It was a great bloon to get into the air and away from electronics, and with someone I love who loves the outdoors, too, and I wished I had my camera along then -- or better yet, a magic bottle in which to capture the smell of honeysuckle and other sweets.


It's nice that this evening I can look at images of those morning flowers, which seem now to be getting ready to deck a bridal chamber.


Gumbo Lily said...

God bless Mr. Glad for taking you on a slow walk through the garden. Medicine for the soul.

Beautiful posy pics.

Sara said...

The sweet fragrances . . . yes, if only they could be captured in a magic bottle and shared over the Internet. Such beautiful flowers; especially that rose at the end.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

"ready for a bridal chamber" what lovely words and sentiment.