Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blossoming Windows

A while back when I visited my favorite market the window painter was in the very act of painting new scenes. I was thrilled to meet the man and catch him in the process.

He was painting daffodils again - they were the images I had first photographed and shared here. Since then his designs have varied with the seasons, but they are always refreshingly non-commercial and cheerful.


Last fall I was able to capture some geese that seemingly dropped down from the skies to grace the windows.

And this month the daffodils are gone to make room for flowering trees.


I didn't notice until I greatly enlarged the yellow tree how its curving trunk and bright flowers mirror the real ones in the parking lot, reflected in the window.

Perhaps a little bit of every window he's painted remains on the artist's sweatshirt!


elizabeth said...


wayside wanderer said...

I absolutely LOVE this. It feels refreshingly noncommercial. What a fun job to have!!!

Susan said...

I love this! I paint our library windows every June for our summer reading program. Glad to see a kindred spirit at work!