Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Coming into glory for Pascha

Yes, there are still lots of flowers in my life. I'm trying to get the house -- at least the downstairs -- clean in time for Pascha so that I can bring in some flowers and have the whole thing look good and festive together.

It's been raining, and that makes the plants look refreshed and happy. This is the first time the gaudy bearded irises have bloomed. I mostly like them for their color; otherwise they are a bit messy looking for me.

The tulips are still blooming. Every night they close up, and in the daytime they open up more and more. But none of the petals have fallen off yet.

In the Dutch iris bed, these pale yellow-and-lavender flowers dominate the view for a few weeks, and later on when they are spent the cobalt variety open up.

Centranthus ruber
Our friend Art has a nursery in his back yard, and a few months ago he gave me this Centranthus ruber plant that he had propagated. It took forever to recover from being transferred into the pot in which it still lives, but now it is blooming, and coming into its common name of Red Valerian.

It appears that the kale, and arugula in the background, are making their bid for Tallest Blossoms in the Garden. About the time we turn the calendar page to May they'll be out of there and tomato plants will be in their place, so I'm letting them have their days in the sun - and rain.

Forget-me-Nots, calla lilies, cyclamen and daffodils -- I'm so happy to see them, I'm not worried at all about the hours and days of garden work that will need to be done once the rain stops. A lone and miniature red salvia bloom also greeted me this afternoon, and I can't recall even noticing what were surely profuse weeds behind it.

In only a few days the ground may dry up enough for me to dig around, and the joy of the feast will strengthen me to do it -- in every way we'll be in Bright Week!


Matt said...

Your tulips remind me of dancers.

M.K. said...

Our tulips here are all spent. It seems only yesterday that I was longing for daffodils! I love both your irises. I've never seen the lighter variety before -- very beautiful!!

Maria said...

Lovely flowers, lovely photos. I am also hoping to have a chance to get out in the garden next week.