Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lucy gets new clothes

Lucy on Christmas 2010

Lucy would call me "Great-Grandma" if she could talk, but I don't expect that ever to happen because she is a doll. She belongs to my granddaughter Maggie, and once before her picture showed up here, modeling clothes that I made.

This year I made some more outfits for Christmas presents. When the family flew across the continent to California Maggie couldn't fit Lucy into her carry-on, so her Aunt Kate's doll Felicity who still lives with us modeled the new togs the night before Christmas.

I only got two outfits done in 2011: black silk pants with a corduroy jacket (McCalls 6137); and a cowgirl skirt, blouse, vest and boots (McCalls 6257). I guess the boots are really moccasins, because I didn't want to put foam board on the bottoms as the pattern called for.

Everything was made out of used clothes, either my own or things I found at the thrift store, such as a leather skirt that worked nicely for the vest and boots instead of the faux suede that had been suggested on the pattern envelope.

While she was visiting here, Maggie had Felicity wear all the clothes, and she brushed out her hair and braided it nicely as well.

But as soon as Maggie returned home, it was time for Lucy's 4th birthday party, so she wrapped the new clothes in pretty paper and ribbons, and a tag attached, "From Great-Grandma." They were presented to Lucy along with chocolate cake for the occasion.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Lucy!

After the holiday I got word that a new (18-inch) "great-granddaughter" has arrived in Annie's house, and her name is Elizabeth. I don't think I'll stop sewing doll clothes anytime soon!


Pom Pom said...

A grandmother who sews doll clothes is a treasure indeed! Beautiful!

Marfa said...

You are amazing! My girls would LOVE you. I bought some clothes from a lady at a Christmas bazaar last month to fit my daughter's 18" doll and she loves them!!! I should be inspired by you to sew some. I have been sewing a LOT lately. I'm just intimidated by the small size.

Gigi said...

Aren't you glad you've still got those little treasures?! I did the same thing, but somehow DD's handmade doll clothes got lost over the years ;(.

Gumbo Lily said...

You are an Adorable Darling Grandmother! What lovely doll clothes. Your grands are blessed. Love the cowgirl outfit and boots, to boot!


BrightSoul said...

I also love to sew dolls clothes. Alas, my granddaughters have outgrown the love of dressing up their dolls, though they do change the clothes maybe monthly. I miss making them now, but have moved to a new area in my life...that of endeavoring to use watercolor and paint!

Cathy said...

I just today purchased a new Simplicity pattern to make Charlotte some doll clothes. I also like to use old clothes as the fabric when possible.

Anita said...

There is nothing like a grandmother sewing doll clothes for her grandchildren. By the way, I also shop at thrift stores for clothing that I can recycle. It's amazing what you can find!