Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Flowers, Daughters, and Books

"When I get a little money, I buy books. And if there is any left over, I buy food."  --Desiderius Erasmus       

That seems to be my attitude this fall. I got a little money, and then when I got a little time, I did order used books online, and the packages started coming. This stack was one day's delivery, and when I saw them overflowing the mailbox my heart went all a-flutter Christmas-like. What was inside all the wrapping will take another blog post to reveal.       

 Before I could even get those out of the packages, I took some hardcovers I wasn't currently reading and stacked them in such a way as to hide an electrical outlet. B. said it didn't look as stylish as the arrangement pictured in the Pottery Barn catalog. 

I just got back from the North Country where Seventh Grandson lives. In the two weeks since I'd been there, cold weather and dwindling light had taken their toll, and the trees weren't as colorful. These berries were an exception.
As soon as the trees and shrubs go dormant, they are due for a good pruning, having been neglected for a couple of years after the former owners departed.

Gifts I received this week: a Ukrainian matroyshka doll from M., and some horse chestnuts, a.k.a. buckeye pods, from a granddaughter whom I got to see one day. There are as many nuts there as children in her family, so I told her it would remind me to pray for them all.


I enjoyed time with my daughters for a few days. We walked in the meadow, talked, cooked, and played with Baby C.  

One day when I didn't have time to stop the car, I saw herds of black cattle grazing quietly while making a scene on golden meadows like this one.

Back at home, snapdragons are enjoying Indian summer, and the pumpkin hasn't even turned soft yet!

   When I drove up to the house I was greeting by a glowing rose.

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