Friday, July 10, 2009

Lebanese Spice Mix

This week I'm not able to spend much time here at the computer, but I don't want you to think I disappeared, so I'll just share with you a favorite staple recipe I like to keep on hand.
I have been using this combination of spices and salt for decades. It did come from an authentic Lebanese cook, perhaps via Sunset Magazine. My adaptation is lower in salt and cayenne pepper than the original. You can tweak the proportions to suit your own taste.

Typically it is used to flavor ground beef or lamb; the suggestion was to add 2 teaspoons to one pound of meat. I've used it in stews as well. I love that little bit of cinnamon surprise.

Combine the following, mix well, and store at room temperature in your spice cupboard.

3 tsp each cinnamon and paprika

2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper


Jeannette said...

Great little picture, it really communicates your kitchen with the hand made labels and variety of brands. Now go back to your chair and put that foot up.

Pom Pom said...

Interesting! I'll have to try it! Thank you!

Gretchen Joanna said...

J: I had saved that as a draft to use in just such a circumstance, so it didn't take long. :-)