Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The earth is full of the Lord's mercy.

This passage I just happened to read today seems to be just right for contemplating at the beginning of a new year. Its focus is the Lord's nature and works, but it includes instruction to us humans, too. The second line makes me think how all of our art and culture ought to be to His glory, and done to the best of our ability, demonstrating the best of our humanity made in His image.

Sing to Him a new song;
Sing praises beautifully with a shout.
For the word of the Lord is right,
And all His works are done in faithfulness.
He loves mercy and judgment;
The earth is full of the Lord's mercy.

Psalm 32: 3-5 (Septuagint)

Lord, fill us with Your Holy Spirit this year so that 
we would be in unity with that mercy that your earth is full of, 
and may our lives be a beautiful praise song to You.


wayside wanderer said...

Beautiful scripture! I have been thinking all day about God's mercies that are new every morning...not just on New Year's morning but EVERY morning. Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

Michelle M. said...

Such a beautiful thing to contemplate for the new year. Thanks for sharing. A blessed New Year to you!

Gumbo Lily said...

We don't deserve His mercy every day, but in Christ it is ours! My life ought to praise Him. Thank you for this, Gretchen Joanna.

amy said...

Such a peaceful entry; thank you. A blessed New Year to you!