Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Beloved American Saint

It seems fitting that we commemorate St. Herman of Alaska on this date, when winter is making itself felt. I've written before here and here about Father Herman, how he spurned the cold, befriended the animals, and interceded between the Aleuts and the powerful people who would exploit them.

His is a good example in the Advent season, of how to keep our hearts and activities focused on the Kingdom of God in the face of distractions. And if we have a church service to attend where we can share in the Life of Christ together with Saint Herman and all the Cloud of Witnesses, we are very blessed!

I just learned (and am adding this paragraph to my original post) that today is also the anniversary of the repose of Father Alexander Schmemann, another shining star in our church family. This note about both men leads to further inspiration from and about Fr. Alexander, who rests firmly in the tradition of Saint Herman. I'm ever so thankful to have this coinciding of the celebration of two of my favorites.


DebD said...

I often think of Fr. Alexander's attitude toward his final illness and hope that someday I can embrace such a thing as well as he did.

Marfa said...

That is such a beautiful icon! We celebrate his feast on Dec. 25th...and I remember many years going to the St. Herman's Youth Conferences...such a great time of prayer and learning and new friendships formed!

magsmcc said...

Oh you know this is just one more reason to find Alaska one of the most fascinating places on earth!