Friday, September 30, 2011

Greenies Came at Last

Here's a representative sample of the best of our tomato harvest this year. It's way better than nothing! The large "grapes" are Juliet tomatoes, the yellow are Sun Sugar, and - look! There are even five Green Grapes, which I put in the front of the tray close to the camera. The rascals didn't arrive till today, the last day of September, and they may be the entire crop.

My favorite this year might be the Persimmon, which are the large orange tomatoes. They are the largest of any we got; even the Better Boys, supposed to be Beefsteak-type, were tiny guys, indistinguishable from the Early Girls and New Girls, both of which were few and scrawny.

But I made a cherry tomato salad, and think I'll do some soup, too - both recipes I made up in a better tomato year. And those Juliets will be perfect slow-roasted!


Gumbo Lily said...

I'm sorry for your slow and less-than tomato crop, but if it's any consolation, my tomatoes were a near failure. I still have little green tomatoes on the vine, none of them up to size. Thankfully, we've not had a frost yet, but I'm sure it's just around the corner.

Enjoy those pretty tomatoes.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

We had a good tomato season this year, but we are in a great tomato climate. If it's any consolation, your tomatoes are beautiful, and I'm sure you'll enjoy them even more for being so rare.


wayside wanderer said...

What a lovely sight. I know you are enjoying them.

Anita said...

I don't know my tomatoes very well, but these look delicious!

Marfa said...

Our tomatoes have been smaller than usual this year, but they're still coming I'm quite happy. Yours look delicious!