Sunday, November 21, 2010

Around the Internet World

More odds and ends from the virtual library or discovery museum out there in digital space. Some of these I found a couple of months ago and then forgot to tell about. My collection has grown to such a size....I better pass these along NOW:

**I probably already told you about the The Poem Farm, which blogger Amy says " my poem-playground, a place to share teaching and writing ideas, and a cozy spot to highlight poetry in classrooms. If you are a teacher or a student, please consider sharing here on an upcoming Poetry Friday." A recent Poetry Friday post is at right.

**Yay! Vindication for my wooden cutting board. Since my wedding I have been using the lovely one my brother made in high school wood shop, and our family always seemed to be healthier than many, so I wasn't worried. I didn't dream, though, that wood is actually safer than plastic.

**A performance of Beautiful Bach was the kind of pleasant surprise one gets on Facebook sometimes. I understand the performer made a foot pedal for the chromatic button on his harmonica in order to play as he does here.

**Who couldn't use help on keeping the family car looking better? I was charmed and inspired by the practical and literally refreshing ideas Sobe Organized gives in these Steps toward a cleaner car.

** The Candy Professor shows us what a variety of real food ingredients was in candy in 1926, compared to what she calls our current "over-chocolated" world.

**Wayside Wanderer posted a thought-provoking sermon excerpt on what makes a truly Strong Woman.

**One of my favorite learning resources that I have mentioned many times in individual blog posts is The Mars Hill Audio Journal. It just occurred to me that I have failed to pass on to my readers an easy and free way to get a taste of what is available through this audio magazine. Though they don't provide bonus CD tracks any longer on the bimonthly journals, the old listenable tracks are online and ready for anyone to hear at the click of a mouse. Some of my favorite authors and thinkers are on this list, discussing everything from Ents, Mozart, and Hawthorne to Ritalin, reality TV, and Wendell Berry. Maybe someone reading this will get sparked into a discussion after listening to one of these short interviews. Tell me if you do!

Probably no one has time now with holiday or holy-day preparations going on,  to actually look at these pages, but they will keep.


Anastasia Theodoridis said...

There is no such thing as an "over-chocolated world"!

margaret said...

The candy article was impressive! I love chocolate but only plain (dark) chocolate and I do like other things in it so this was fascinating.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I needed the link to the clean car advice! We're going out of town tomorrow and my car is full of clutter. The tip about never letting anyone leave the car empty-handed is especially good!


Gumbo Lily said...

Loved the wood cutting board article. I've used wood forever and then bought a couple plastic ones for doing chicken. The plastic board is coming apart and I really hate it. Now I'll just dump it!

I enjoyed the candy article too. I'm thinking of foods in candy like molasses, honey, nuts. Yum.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dana said...

Thanks again for a most interesting blog! A very blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours. Hope to see you Sunday.