Friday, April 16, 2010

I've Made More Doll Clothes Than Dolls

Three times I've made sets of clothes for store-bought dolls, not counting the ones I made for my own Barbie doll when I was nine or ten. (I can still picture those crude trial-and-error shirts and dresses that never fit very well.) It would be nice to make some more, and maybe I will, when I get the sewing room cleaned up. Well, then, why am I not in there this moment working on that? I'm tired, and need to rest a bit on my laurels, even though they are old laurels by now.

I did make clothes two years ago for a granddaughter's Götz toddler doll. The doll is wearing her original outfit above.

I took my patterns from Joan Hinds's Sew Baby Doll Clothes. First I sewed some overalls from a Hannah Anderson skirt I had found ages ago at the thrift store, and got the hat trim from my scrap bag--or I should say, one of my many boxes of scraps.

A checked dress started out as another thrift store find, a man's shirt that B. decided he didn't want. The fabric was in great shape, so I couldn't throw it out.

Finally I made a nightgown with a pink fleece blanket and pillow to coordinate with both.
When I last saw this Doll Baby, she was dressed in one new outfit and had lent another one to her sister. They were lying together in their cradle, so endearing that I resolved to go home and sew more clothes. There were other scantily clad dolls lying around who tugged at my heart. But I went home and got distracted by other projects and haven't sent any care packages to the doll family to this day.


Harmony said...

I just love that overall/blouse set. All the clothes are lovely. A perfect thing to do with a thrift store find that doesn't work for a real person!

Pom Pom said...

Beautiful! Your doll clothes are so loving.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

They are perfectly charming, and as a non-sewing person who didn't even like it when she tried to do it once long ago, I'm thoroughly impressed!

Anita said...

The doll clothes are adorable!

Emily J. said...

Love the idea of reusing old clothes for doll clothes! I especially love the last dress. My sister and I used to use old knee socks and cut-off jeans legs to make skirts for our dolls. We had some Sasha dolls that my mom's best friend made smocked dresses for. I should dig them out and send you a photograph - they're absolutely beautiful. She made one dress for my first daughter that I'd like to have a doll big enough to wear it, but now she has granddaughters of her own to sew for. She also makes altar linens and albs. Meanwhile I haven't graduated much past cut-off jeans.

margaret said...

My happiest memories of my mother are of her sitting at the sewing machine in the kitchen making beautiful clothes for my dolls.

I'm middle-aged now and I still love dolls and dolls clothes so this is a great post.

Cathy said...

I have a heritage of a sewing grandmother and mother that would make clothes for my dolls, some of which I still own.

Charlotte has started asking me to sew some clothes for her dolls. I have so much extra fabric from the dresses I sew for her. I need to get started.

Thank you for sharing.

Jeannette said...

How did I miss this post? I remember a certain doll clothes party two people had...aren't there some photos from that?

Mama Squirrel said...

I used one of Joan Hinds' books this past Christmas to sew 18-inch doll clothes for my daughter. I'm not a great sewer but I found her patterns fairly easy to follow.

I've linked to your post.