Tuesday, December 18, 2012

If all the world a single body shared --


The Antidote

If all the world a single body shared --
One heart, one breath, one blood, one flesh, one life --
Then sin has not one cell, one atom spared
The poison of shared wickedness and strife.

What wickedness, what strife, you well may ask,
Oblivious that you yourself are sick,
That fallen nature’s health is but a mask
And trust in this world just a devil’s trick.

We are one body, and our body died
The day we sinned, the days we sinned anew,
The walking-dead until the Crucified
By dying killed our sin to make life true.

And so, live well, ye merry gentlemen:
Sin's antidote was born in Bethlehem.

--Fr. Louis Tarsitano


Sara said...

Thank you for this unusual poem and artwork too.

Just finished Stephen Freeman's Everywhere Present - so enlightening and encouraging.

peacework projects said...

beautiful!!! love the art and the poem!!! thanks for the unique-ness. . .

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Lovely! The artwork is magnificent.


Isabelle said...

Hello - thanks for your comment. Your blog seems most interesting. I shall return!