Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Funny Stories, Stew and Rescue

I'm having a good week, in spite of the Giants being behind in the NLCS. Today was 90°! so we opened the window to the front yard and for a few minutes, as I stood watching my favorite baseball players at bat, the aroma of sweet olive wafted through the window. Heaven came down.

I made brownies for my husband, took a walk, bought some groceries and did laundry, caught up with a dear friend, and even worked on a book review that's giving me a hard time...and now I'm passing on to my blogging friends some fun things I found in my blog treasure box. Yes, thanks be to God.
The funniest story I have read in a long while, at Bread and Roses, about a kitchen wall.

An oh-so-practical and realistic, encouraging list of Ways to Rescue a Bad Day for mothers with children at home, from Like Mother, Like Daughter. I think it could also serve nicely for menopausal women, those recovering from the flu, or just generally low-energy homemakers.

A chicken stew that sounds like an easy way to use my Costco boneless chicken thighs, and that includes Persian spices, walnuts, AND exotic pomegranates, some of my favorite foods.

A dad comedian who made me laugh and laugh over his stories of having four kids:


James the Thickheaded said...

Very helpful. Thanks! It's now that I tell my mom... there will be grandchildren, sunshine, and joy again. This is a start.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

G, I need a laugh so will read about the kitchen -smile-. No no video.

Martha said...

Mmm...what a chicken stew...looks beautiful with pomegranate seeds sprinkled atop. And that pomegranate molasses sounds yummy. ♥ I bet your husband enjoyed the brownies!

GretchenJoanna said...

James, are you saying that you are expecting a new baby in your family?!