Thursday, October 20, 2011

Candy: Fake, Fruity, or Drunken?

Fruit snacks are yummy treats. The Candy Professor thinks so, too, but she writes in The Atlantic about how the idea that they may legitimately be touted as something other than candy is under question in court. In her blog this week the professor, Samira Kawash, also treats the semiotics of candy:

"Candy as simulacrum cuts loose from the chain of origins and descent. It’s fake, and unashamed of its fakeness and therefore not in need of connecting itself to some legitimating narrative of ancestry and origin.

"So candy as fake food is more true than food that disguises its fakery. Candy, perfect post-modern food."
And she does her own experiment to find out if gummy bears can really soak up vodka without dissolving in it.

I've always enjoyed this woman's blog, but never more than this week, because I love science experiments using food, even junk food. I do like many forms of candy, but I mostly try to feed myself and my family truly nutritious food, which doesn't include sweets. I haven't indulged in any fruit snacks lately, but I wonder if the food police will require their being shelved with the jelly beans in the future?

By the way, candy is a topic of conversation I sometimes fall back on when talking with my grandchildren, most of whom will become engaged on some level at the mention of it. Now I have even more threads of talk with which to lead them on.

At the same time, these latest discussions are getting tangled in my mind. Are fruit snacks real? Are drunken gummies liquor or fusion cuisine? I hope I am right in this at least, that the philosophers are telling me that my sweet tooth is merely a healthy preference for honest food.


Gumbo Lily said...

I'm sticking with chocolate....true food, true candy, and true medicine.


Sarah in Indiana said...

I've always thought fruit snacks was an absurd name for those things. A fruit snack is a handful of raisins or an apple. I don't like them, whatever you call them, though. I've never cared for stick in your teeth things. I'm with Jody; chocolate is my sweet of choice.

Dana said...

In my younger years, I hated fruitcake. Somewhere around age 50 I did a 180 with this, and now I love a good fruitcake - the "drunkener" the better!


Marfa said...

Yes, I'll buy apples for a snack. I don't buy "fruit snacks." Whatever it is...too much processing going on! I have, however, gotten fruity flakes, maybe once or twice a year...they're SO yummy...and more like fruit leather (97% fruit).

GretchenJoanna said...

Chocolate? It's in a class all by itself, not to be considered in the same post with gummy candies and the like. But I am probably incapable of treating that subject with any better words than Jody already has: true food.