Friday, June 17, 2011

Fast Trip South

Soldier and Doll welcomed me to stay at their place overnight so that I could be at my son's graduation from a 16-month course at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey early in the morning.

lupines and more
As I backed out of our driveway at the beginning of my trip, the car thermometer registered 91°. On the Golden Gate Bridge it was 61°, in Santa Clara County 94°, and by the time I got to Monterey, back into the low 60's. I kept busy putting the car windows up and down and the A.C. on and off.

After dinner that night we walked on the boardwalk at Asilomar Beach, and took pictures. We definitely needed sweaters out there.

Some of the large Presidio herd of deer were relaxing near the gate next morning and did not pay much attention to our important event.

Soldier graduated with honors from his program, and after the ceremony and picture-taking with teachers we went out for omelettes and waffles. Before I knew it, it was time for me to pack my sleeping bag in the car and drive through the bands of warm and cool again to come home!

Today I'll be back at my usual tasks -- I mostly wanted to put up a few pictures to remember my fast trip.


Jeannette said...

ALL the photos are lovely!

Dana said...

Ah, California - like living in ten countries in one ;)


wayside wanderer said...

Lovely photos and congratulations to Soldier! I'm jealous of your temperatures. Yes, both the 90s and the 60s. Sigh.

magsmcc said...

Well done, clever son and proud Mum! You would need more than a sweater here today. Sweater, raincoat and yes, the suns were out in the garden and wellies in June! Bodes well for a week on the Irish coast next month! Hmm.

Janet said...

Lovely pictures! Congrats to your son.