Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Patch of Greens

Swiss chard in foreground, sorrel in back.

You can't tell now, but I did weed my greens patch after New Year's Day. The rain brought up more weeds, but also the things I planted have grown bigger so that I can make a good soup with them tonight.

The broccoli rabe has gone to flowering and doesn't taste very good now. I didn't end up using much of it. Maybe if I plant some this spring it will produce better before going to seed; but I thought it would have been a good fall crop.

Above you can see some Dino Kale and the rabe flower, plus Red Russian Kale on the far right.

And the washed greens ready to go.


elizabeth said...

I love gardens! so nice that you have one year round!

Pom Pom said...

Yes, your garden is growing! I love California. We're still so cold here and can't do much for a while. I shall just plant my sweet peas and wait for spring. Thank you for sharing your happy growth!

Jeannette said...

yummy soup fixings!

M.K. said...

That looks beautiful and delicious. I'm amazed at what you have growing, year round! Our camellia is about to burst into bloom, but otherwise, spring isn't really here yet. Brrr!

amy said...

Oh, your photos are a feast for my eyes. It is so cold and gray here...I am greatly looking forward to spring and seeing the return of green.

Gigi said...

You are so industrious! A year round garden is a wonderful thing. Lots of things in our garden almost made it through the winter, but the last hard freeze got them. But, now it's time to start again, isn't it? Happy gardening to you ;).

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, I love greens. We've got some collards that I'm using for dinner tomorrow, and this weekend I'm planting lettuce and spinach. Such beautiful food!


Marfa said...

Beautiful...hopefully our backyard will be transformed into a lovely patch of edibles, like yours!

Our tulip shoots are coming out...but we are still in danger of frost. So, no lettuce gardening here, yet. I remember the mustard and arugula flowering last year...so pretty, bitter, but both flowers are edible, too.

I just got "Radical Homemakers" a book by Shannon Hayes...I think you'd like it!

Gumbo Lily said...

Fresh greens sound so good to me just now. They're really pretty too.