Saturday, January 8, 2011

Old Year Resolve

My new year resolve is phantom; perhaps it will become more real in the coming weeks. But looking for it engendered some substantial end-of-year resolve to get a few loose ends tucked in so that the to-do list for 2011 could be a smidgen shorter.

The two ingredients for this rice-bag project had been purchased months ago, and I put them together before New Year's Day. We warm them in the microwave at night and hide them near our feet under the bedclothes, where they have been a great coziness, providing extra heat for many hours. For days fog has been hanging over us like a cold uncomforter -- is this not the worst combination of weather elements? -- requiring extra weapons in the war against shivering and sadness. Pippin taught us this technique that she learned in those northern reaches where one can't go to bed without a rice bag. Ours are red because they were the cheapest tube socks I could find at the time.

A couple of other major accomplishments last week were a thorough cleaning of my expansive bedroom and cheerful progress in getting pictures back on the walls. Our bedroom had become the overflow space twice in the last nine months, and took a full five hours to get spiffed up. Moving boxes of this and that, and stacks of books, bedding, and folded laundry from one room to another is the kind of highly-skilled labor I'm getting really good at.

The walls required a lot of thought, but once I ordered the new picture on which everything seemed to hinge, I was able to figure out where all the old ones could fit in. When the new art arrives and I can take pictures, I'll write about my other pivotal piece of woodsy decor that I started crafting last spring. On New Year's Day B. and I ordered one picture and hung four. It's beginning to feel homey around here again.

These snowdrops also were news back in December. And now I think I've finished with that year, which was Very Good, thanks be to God.


M.K. said...

Tube socks! At first, I thought those were partially deflated balloons :) Sounds like a good idea. I wear socks to bed, but it still takes a while to get the sheets warm.

So glad your home is getting back to normal. Enjoy!

Pom Pom said...

I love your cozy rice bags! Yes, I am finished with 2010, too. I'm enjoying January, especially this morning - SNOW!
Bless you, good homemaker.

margaret said...

We won't see snowdrops for another month... and I forgot to plant mine so I won't see any!

I'd have frozen to death without my hot water bottle... can't have rice socks as no microwave but those look great.

elizabeth said...

Am looking forward to seeing the future pictures! :) Thank God for your good year!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I will feel like 2010 is all the way done with when I get the last of the Christmas decorations sitting beside the attic door all the way into the attic. But the attic is much too cold to enter right now. I need some tube socks filled with hot rice!


Anastasia Theodoridis said...

In our wildlife rehabbers' group, we call them rice socks. We use them to keep animals warm during transport.

And yes, I have separate ones for warming my feet in bed on cold nights!

If you use a bit less rice per sock, they're floppier, which definitely has its advantages.