Sunday, July 18, 2010

Orange and Purple

This afternoon I went to the church property and did a little watering and deadheading. Over a year ago I planted this daisy kind of plant that is so vigorous, I love it. Don't know what its name is, and wonder if I still have the plastic marker that might say.

I'd like to get some for my own garden, because even after all the petals fall off they look attractive. I do trim them off eventually so the plant will make a bunch more blooms.


Then there is this amazing psychedelic grape plant. Does anyone know what it is?


Jeannette said...

The first flower is a Gaillardia...a blanket flower, this one is usually called Goblin or Indian Blanket.

The purple berries..well you have renewed our search...we have this and have not yet found it...but we will try again.

Mark said...

We have that psychedelic purple berried plant and we could never find out what it is. Your post drove us to distraction, but I finally found it. It's called dianella tasmanica, flax lily.

GretchenJoanna said...

Would that every time I drove someone to distraction it bore such pleasing fruit. Thank you both!

The dB family said...

They really do look like grapes! What a fun plant! I have gallardia too! It's such a fun plant! I'm glad you know the names for both of them now.


M.K. said...

Beautiful! And that purple one is so interesting! I'd never seen it before.

Gumbo Lily said...

I knew the Gaillardia, but not the grapey plant. I've never seen such a purple pod before. I like it.