Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Leavetaking of Pascha

Tonight at church we have a short service, Matins for Leavetaking of Pascha. It's the last time we will sing all the wonderful jubilant Paschal hymns, and cry, "Christ is risen!" many times. Tomorrow is the actual day, followed quickly by Ascension.

In this icon you see our Lord bestowing life on those in the tombs, delivering souls from hell, "trampling down death by death."

I'm so glad to be able to attend, and feast my soul on these fundamental glad tidings. Christ is risen, indeed!


elizabeth said...

Christ is Risen!

blessed Feast on Thursday etc...

DebD said...

Christ is Risen!

I'm going to miss the Paschal Canon and "The Angel Cried" but am looking forward to rejoicing at Ascension and then Pentecost.

Joyous Feast Day.

Cathy said...

I knew I would be able to "visit" with you today and you would mention Ascension Day. It is such a glorious thing to celebrate and take the time to remember.