Thursday, May 21, 2009

May in the Garden

Husband said the last post was heavy. It was definitely text-heavy. Sorry about that; I'll try something different. What could be lighter than tiny leaves pushing out of the ground, and flowers in bright colors? Butternut seedlings above.

I love the way the pincushion flowers contrast with the lambs' ears.

A week ago--here is the mini-teepee where we planted Blue Lake Beans. Gus doesn't look pleased to have his picture taken. Everything is growing so fast--look!

Here are the cute little bean seedlings just before dusk tonight. Rhododenron blooms are about to open, above the recumbent campanula.

I should have filled the birdbath before snapping this photo. That's oregano and lemon balm underneath.

Lamium carries all its own contrasting patterns and colors in itself.

And the next pic is of aloe saponaria, above calendulas and columbines.

Spring is bursting out all over!

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Jeannette said...

A visit to your garden, thank you. Heavy can be good, as in thought provoking, know weighty!